C4D样条线生成曲面插件 SplinePatch V3.0.4 For Cinema 4D R25/R26/2023


SplinePatch provides users of C4D with a patch-modeling function. It adds to the list of C4D’s nurbs objects and works in a quite similar manner. Drag and drop three or four splines that surround the surface to be created in the SplinePatch object and choose the number of subdivisions. That’s it!


  • R25:拷贝SplinePatch文件夹到C4D安装目录的plugins即可
  • R26/2023:将对应版本的SplinePatch 3.0.4文件夹复制到C4D安装目录的plugins即可 X:\Program Files\Maxon Cinema 4D 2023\plugins